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     Thompson Family Dentistry first opened its doors in 1975 in the small city of Franklin, Virginia.  It began with Dr. Harper Thompson's father, Dr. Harvey K. Thompson.  Since 1975, Franklin and the surrounding areas have gone through many changes.  One most notable change was in September 1999 when Hurricaine Floyd struck the east coast.            Our building was soaked with 4+ feet of water.  However, just like the resiliency of the people of Franklin/Southampton, Dr. Harvey K. Thompson rebuilt, remodeled, and expanded.  This allowed him to update his technology and continue to provide the quality of dental care he always strived to deliver.

    After 41 years of caring for his patients, Dr. Harvey K. Thompson decided to "hang up the drill" in June 2016.  His son, Dr. Harper A. Thompson, proudly stepped in to continue the legacy.

    Thompson Family Dentistry is a family operated dental practice.  Dr. Harper Thompson's wife, Annie, is an excellent registred dental hygienist, and sister, Elizabeth, orchestrates the scheduling, insurance, and billing.  Long time assistants, Betty and Debi, have been with the practice for over 20 years and are vital in making sure our patients are as comfortable as possible.

    We would love to be your dental care providers!

About Us


Routine Exams


Routine Exams allow us to stay on top of the game.  Majority of the time we can help prevent more costly dental treatment by catching the problem early.

Dental Fillings


Whether it be cosmetic or the back filling that no one will ever see, we take great time and care to make sure the fillings are done correctly.  We place the type of filling that is best served for that particular patient and situation.  There is no "one size fits all" approach here!

Implant Dentistry


 Whether its a single tooth, multiple teeth, or implants under a new or existing denture, dental implants can improve your  quality of life  tremendously.

Root Canals


We provide root canal therapy to patients who develop a dental infection.   Root canals help prolong the life of a tooth.   

Limited and Comprehensive Orthodontics


We offer Invisalign to our adult patients to help them achieve the smile they've always wanted.  Also, Dr. Hearne provides comprehensive orthodontics to our patient in our office.    

Dental Hygiene


By having your teeth professionally cleaned, we can help avoid cavities and periodontal disease.    

Crowns, Bridges, Veneers


Crowns help prolong the life of our teeth.  If a tooth is broken, has a large cavity, or has had a root canal, crowns offer the structural support to keep it functional for years to come.  Bridges help replace missing teeth.  They can be a great alternative to dental implants, especially if additional procedures need to be done for implant treatment.  Veneers are an excellent treatment for advanced fluorosis or fractured front teeth. 



Dentures are a great treatment to replace multiple missing teeth.  They can help patients function again and are easy to clean. 

Teeth Whitening


To brighten your smile, teeth whitening is a conservative way to achieve the smile that everyone notices.   

Our Services

Proudly serving Southeastern Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina since 1975


Harper A. Thompson


Annie R. Thompson


Our Team


Our Address

500 North Main Street

Franklin, VA 23851

Tel: 757-562-5156 

Open Hours

Monday – Thursday  08:00AM – 5:00PM

Friday    08:00AM – 12:00PM


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"Great experience.  I felt at ease and very comfortable. "

"Very professional and knowledgeable.."

"Very efficient and on time!  Staff is excellent!"

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